Why is a Built-in Vacuum System Better?


With a conventional vacuum, you must lug around a heavy motor everywhere you need to vacuum. This can really be a hassle, especially if your home has stairs. More of your work effort may be spent on hauling around the vacuum cleaner than cleaning your home. With a built-in system, you simply carry a very light weight hose and wand, and plug it into conveniently located wall recepticals. A built-in vacuum system means better results with less work for you.


Because the motor of a conventional vacuum must be carried along with you where ever you need to vacuum, it must be as light as possible. Unfortunately, this means that power is greatly sacrificed. Also, these motors have a much shorter life span. With a Central Vacuum System, the motor is in a fixed and isolated location and doesn't need to be carried around with you. This allows the motor of a built-in system to be much more powerful and long lasting, providing better cleaning power for years to come.


Because the motor of a central vacuum is isolated, so is the awful noise. A built-in system is so quiet that you'll be able to listen to music while you work. More importantly, you can hear the baby cry and the door bell or telephone ring. Until you try it, you won't believe just how pleasant it can be without all that noise.


Sure, a conventional vacuum will suck up dirt, dust and germs, but that same dirty air is exhausted right back into your home. Many germs and allergens are shot back into the air creating an unhealthy environment, especially for those with allergies. With a Central Vacuum System, no dirty air goes back into your living areas. Dirt, dust, mites, germs, pollen, all get a one-way ticket out of your home for good! A built-in vacuum system provides a cleaner, safer and healthier living environment.

     Yes, there is a better way to vacuum. With a built-in system from Central Vacuum Systems of the Pacific, you will enjoy a cleaner, healthier, quietier home with less work, while increasing your home's value. Call us today at: 1-808-841-1679 to receive a free, no-obligation estimate for your project.

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